How deep is your search? A brief look at DFS and BFS Search Algorithms

After you catch some pump-up vibes from Calvin harris or some very chill vibes from the Beegees, let’s take a stab at understanding ‘Depth-First Search’ and ‘Breadth-First Search’ traversals of trees.

Firstly you might be asking, why do I care? Well, a few reasons:

  1. It may come up as a great solution to an algorithm for an interview question.
  2. It is a great way to practice wrapping your head around good use cases for recursive functions.
  3. There are practical use cases for games such as figuring…

As much as I would love to chat about how cool Dustin Hoffman’s shiny hand toothpick looks, we are not going to chat about the movie Hook. We are here to talk very briefly about React Hooks! As I am learning React, I have come across a lot of code written with Hooks. Since I didn’t understand it at first, here‘s my attempt to explain… Hooks.

Note: If you have questions on React or Hooks, please check out the great documents the React team has put together here and here. …

What is the event loop and how does it work?

Oh jeez, these are pretty deep questions and this blog looks pretty long... Well, I am going to try my best to help you gain a basic understanding of the event loop, how it works, and why it’s used.

Note: Prerequisites should include a general or light understanding of JavaScript, callback functions, AJAX, and web APIs.

To begin, let’s cover a topic that I think is pretty important when learning about JS. JS is a single-threaded interpretative language.

What this means is that JS has to parse(read) the code and…

I know what you might be thinking, “This is not the relationship advice I was looking for…” Well, you are right, this isn’t about mending or developing those lifelong bonds with your friend Ruby. We are talking about Ruby’s class relationships. I am going to do a high-level walkthrough highlighting the process of building object-oriented class relationships and creating a database schema for a relational database for a ruby built project. …

Have you ever heard someone say “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” If you answered no, you are kinda lucky. Because when someone tells you this, it can make you question everything you are about to do. It can put the big decisions you are about to make up on a pedestal and it can cause you to overthink the next steps you are about to take.

I have heard this quote recently, but I didn’t know the true meaning of it or know why friends and family members use it whenever it seems like…

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